Creepy EP

by Four Eyes

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released October 30, 2012



all rights reserved


Four Eyes Athens, Georgia

Folky, poppy music out of Athens, GA

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Track Name: Corpse
Death comes to everyone
It doesn't judge, it won't offend
It's only the end

Our bodies become soil
Our hands become sand
We are the land

A corpse is not a morbid thing
We keep the flowers growing
With our rotting

So look towards the sky
And die

Tell your friends goodbye
And feel happy as you die
Track Name: Ghosts
We spoke of our burials
and a curse on our tombs.

We knew when we finally died,
we'd haunt the others that we left behind.

Two ghosts in love, we'd go "Ooo ooo ooo!"
Track Name: Jack-o-Lantern
We drew a smiling face on a rotting gourd.
Set it out last night on the porch.
In a day or two it'll start to smell.
In a day or two the spell will be broken.

Jack-o-lantern, fleeting comfort.
Jack-o-lantern, our time here is so short.
Track Name: Candy
Walking door to door
I wore my favorite costume
You know the score, so hand it over.

I say "trick or treat" and you give me what I wanna eat.
I want candy, yummy yummy candy.

I'm gonna be up all night,
You're gonna give me that sugar high.
You can't make me go to sleep
Not as long as I've got more sweet, sweet candy.

Don't tell me that I'll get a cavity.
Don't tell me that candy aint good for me.
Don't tell me that I engage in gluttony.
I don't even know what that means.

So just give me more candy,
yummy yummy candy,
all your candy.