Pity Party Vol. 3

by Four Eyes

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released December 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Four Eyes Athens, Georgia

Folky, poppy music out of Athens, GA

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Track Name: Houdini
Your favorite album's no good,
saw you listening to it again on the bedroom floor
over and over again.
What are you listening for?
Your favorite song's about me,
I didn't know how to tell you I've loved before and I'll love again.
You should not have told me you'd never love again.
Now my friends are gonna quit me,
I'll be playing alone for a while
for whatever I refused to say to you in all that time.
I wrecked your favorite album, and I'm sorry.
And I wrote your favorite song but I know it won't be for long.
Track Name: For You
Maybe it was just the wind,
or maybe it was just the train,
but I swear I thought I heard you say my name.

Maybe I misunderstood,
maybe our words misconstrued,
but I swear I thought I heard you say we'd be okay.

Maybe it was just a ghost,
or the shadow of your hanging overcoat.
Although you had gone I did not feel alone.

Your watch is fifteen minutes off,
mine fell off out on a walk.
But I know it will take time to make you mine.

Lately I don't feel too great,
maybe I'm staying out too late,
or maybe it's for you I always ache.

I will live with what I didn't do.
I will get what's coming for me too.
But please, please, please believe this song's for you.
Track Name: Hollow Vowel
I don't fear our parabola
I'll go back if you want me to
I'll rewind for the right reasons for once.

My heart beats just a little wild
I'll slow down in a little while
My insides are riled for you.
It feels like...

My phone call is a silly vow.
My breath comes out in hollow vowels.
My words come out as howls, like...
Track Name: Sentimental Things
I want to believe in sentimental things,
that all our words had secret meanings.
But I am out of love, and we have broke the code
that only our hearts understood.

I want to believe in sentimental things,
but sometimes love is very hard.
I wish that chocolate hearts could fix the broken parts
you left behind with your guitar.

I may be bitter now, but I am patient,
and new love always comes along.

And if all the lights in town go out before he makes his way to me,
I'll wait in the dark.
And if you told me to wait a year to see myself in someone else,
then I'll be right here waiting for you.
Track Name: Your Old Streets
I went for a walk through my old city blocks
We went for a drive past subdivided lives
With fences to hide behind
And television light to sleep by.

You showed me your home
The place where you breathe like a poem
It took all of my strength not to burst
At you and your sister's old birds
That hold on to your trembling hurt
And the past that you sing like a verse of your song

You showed me your father's old stone
Oh I hope that I never grow old
I could die on your mother's old couch
Rather than let you all down
Rather than ever leave town
With the ghosts that just follow you 'round your old streets.
Track Name: Light To Read By
Your words read like my high school poetry,
words carved into stall doors begging not to be ignored.
Your words sound like fury
and normally I wouldn't mind such a Faulknerian end
to what could have been a rather sweet, albeit boring, short story.
But you don't pick your ending. Nor do I,
but at least I have a light to read by.
I couldn't see a thing with your shadow over me.
We couldn't find a single light,
nothing warm or bright to mark our way through that night.
I couldn't think a single thing to make you feel alright
I couldn't think a single thing to make you feel alright
Track Name: Some Rooms
We set your plants out in the rain
You made some coffee that your roommates drank again
They were up all night whispering your name.

You called me when they took your bone
You kept it in a bottle like a polished stone
I was up all night waiting for your name.

You moved away and sold your car
I lied awake til I could see your scar
In that early light it had looked so bright I could hardly blame you.
Track Name: Yellowing
trust what's in your home
keep your good things close
you could do much worse
the world outside don't hurt
it's only dirt pressed over bones and harmless stones
that bear the names of people you will never know.
take your best friend's car
drive him home for the break
dont make his mother wait
she washed his sheets and left his art in the garage
all waterlogged.
let your fingers rust
let your hair turn to dust
we'll see you there the day your name blurs in the ink
on faded grade school papers
stacked and yellowing.
Track Name: Let You Down
I know I can count on you baby, for that text at 2 a.m.
You say you don't understand why I'm hanging around him.
You're throwing daggers at me, I'm having trouble keeping still,
and I don't know if I ever will.

It's late and I'm tired of fighting for what happened months ago.
If you haven't got it by now then I guess you'll never know.
Cus I'm tired of figuring out what your words are supposed to mean,
cus nobody says what they mean.
Nobody knows anything.

Quit talking shit to my friends, you know it's hard for me to keep them around.
I know I'm no good with goodbyes, but that don't mean you should have stuck around.
Didn't mean to make you hang around.
I'm no good at letting people down.
I always let people down.